Welcome to Load.to upload service!

Load.to is a so-called 1-click-hoster / sharehoster which hosts your files for free!
After uploading a file you'll get a personal download link you can send to your friends all over the world.
We have no bandwidth limit for uploading (up to 1 GB per file) and downloading!

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We recommend imgload.org for uploading image files.

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How does the upload work?

  • Choose a file from any directory on your computer
  • Click upload to start the transfer
  • Wait a moment till the transfer is done
  • Get an unique URL to get access to your file
  • You can share the given link with your friends or add it on your own website

Why should I use Load.to?

Completely free and reliable since 2005

A registration isn't required to upload files

The filesize can be up to 1GB per file

No bandwidth limit for up- and downloads

Secure up- and downloads over https

Files will only be deleted after 28 days of inactivity